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Large diameter welded tubes








Large diameter welded tubes

Longitudinally and spirally welded steel tubes up to Ø 3500 mm in all thicknesses.

Stainless steel (321 and 316 Ti) up to Ø 610 mm.

Longitudinally and spirally welded tubes
•    Diameter 21.3 -1420 mm

•    Thicknesses in stock up to 38.1 mm

Product certificate on request.

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Their special chemical composition and strictly controlled manufacturing process make them unique in their field.

These steels are produced with the greatest respect for quality standards to satisfy the most stringent specifications.

The reference standard is API 5L (American Petroleum Institute).

They enable very special requirements to be met, such as resistance to cracking by hydrogen (HIC) and high ductility at
very low temperatures.

The main characteristics of steels for tubes are their high ultimate strength, and excellent very low temperature toughness
for very thick steel.

In addition, these grades have good weldability, thanks to their favourable chemical composition (particularly low carbon equivalent).
The regularity of the mechanical characteristics of the steels destined for the manufacture of large welded tubes
facilitates forming and welding operations.

Steels for large welded tubes are especially suitable for manufacturing:

ERW longitudinal welded tubes

SAW spirally welded tubes.






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