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Indaten Corten steels









Indaten Corten steels

A34 Indaten atmospheric corrosion resistant steels

When this steel is used untreated and exposed to the weather, a protective oxide layer forms on its surface

This is why the steel is often referred to as


Indaten °355 steels offer improved atmospheric corrosion resistance and conform to the EN 10025-5 :2004 standard

These are fine grained grades with a high elastic limits and are optimised to provide very high application performance


When this steel is used untreated (without coating) and exposed to the weather, a strongly adhesive protective oxide layer forms on its surface

As soon as the phenomenon stabilises, this patina becomes brown-purple in colour and takes on a finely grained appearance
The aesthetic value of this typical appearance is used to advantage in various architectural projects: miscellaneous building


The field of application for Indaten °355 is very wide: architecture, sculpture, bridges, industrial chimneys, railway goods wagons, silos, containers and pylons

The fact that the material can be used unprotected eliminates the problem of maintenance and guarantees its life expectancy

The effectiveness of the corrosion protection depends to a great extent on the speed of formation of the patina

For optimum patina formation Indaten°355 is used in a non-confined environment, and possibly even a sulphuric atmosphere

On the other hand we strongly advise against using Indaten °355 in the presence of condensation or repeated soiling, especially in a chlorine atmosphere


A low carbon chemical composition and a fine grain structure gives Indaten °355 steel good weldability
by the usual methods

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