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Seamless tube









Seamless tube

Hot rolled cold drawn seamless tubes:

For mechanical and hydraulic engineering and general construction.  

Thick seamless tube

•    Grades: ST 37.0, ST 52.0 and S355J2H with impact tests

•    All diameters up to 660 mm

•    All thicknesses up to 100 mm (including intermediate thicknesses)

•    Long lengths, cut to length, all coatings.

•    Drilled bar for sizes not available in thick tube

•    ST 35.8.I / P235 GH TC1 and ST 35.8.III (equivalent to Tu 37 C and NFA 49213)

•    alloy steels to DIN 15: Mo3, 13 CrMo44, and 10 CrMo910, and to ASTM A 335: P11, P22 and P5

•    All unions, bar, sheet and strip in the same grades.

For stainless steel (321 and 316 Ti) up to Ø 406.4 mm.

New:  316 L stainless steel 18" and 20" sch(*1) std.

Product certificate on request.

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The current international standard specifies the technical delivery conditions for corrosion-resistant seamless tubes for
use as casing, tubing and coupling stock.

The current international standard applies to the following four tube groups

Group 1, comprising stainless alloys with a martensitic or martensitic/ferritic structure;

Group 2, comprising stainless steels with a ferritic-austenitic structure, such as duplex and super duplex stainless steels;

Group 3, comprising stainless alloys with an austenitic (iron based) structure;

Group 4 , comprising nickel based stainless alloys with an austenitic (nickel based) structure.


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